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Tanzania is an African country situated in the East part of Africa. The country is a neighbor to Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is surrounded by the Comoro Islands and the Indian Ocean on its east side. There are a couple of reasons why you should visit Tanzania for non-official purposes. The country has a number of parks, archipelagos, and heritage sites that will attract the eyes of tourists. It also has an active volcano mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro.

One must have a thorough understanding of the many types of Tanzanian visas that are available as well as key application deadlines before beginning the application process. However, you must first ascertain your eligibility for a visa by researching Tanzania’s visa regulations. The country of your passport, the required documentation, the country's eligibility requirements for a visa application, the Tanzanian visa application process, and most importantly, the type of your visa, may all need to be taken into consideration as you read through all the necessary information about processing a visa. You must choose the type of visa you are asking for based on the purpose of your trip to Tanzania. You must take a number of factors into account while applying for a Tanzanian visa. These are mentioned below, along with a brief explanation:

As for any other country, the visa processing of a Tanzanian visa is very simple and momentary. But before proceeding to that step, you would need to know what steps to take while applying for a visa, what are the required documents for Tanzanian visa, what are the required actions before the application procedure, the Tanzanian visa fee amount, Visa duration, Tanzanian Visa policies, etc.

In this article, you will be well-guided throughout the process of a Tanzanian visa, documents that are needed, issues to be taken care of before your application, and every other thing related to visa processing. The subject matters that you will find on this site are as follows

  • Eligible Nationals for a Tanzanian Visa

    There are certain restrictions for some countries around the globe in case of applying for a Tanzanian Visa. The people of some Eligible countries for Tanzanian Visa that can apply for the visa as mentioned earlier without any hassle will be properly mentioned here. Again citizens of some nationalities can travel to Tanzania without any visa but for a specific amount of time. This duration differs depending on your nationality. Therefore, before getting started, make sure you check if the country of your passport is seen on the list given on that page.

  • Required Documents to Apply for a Tanzanian Visa

    Before your visa application process, you need to prepare a bunch of physical or online documents regarding your personal details and passports, visa forms, passport-sized photos, etc. If you are applying for a work visa, then you will require several types of documents starting from your own official documents to the official documents of Tanzania where you will be working in the future. You will also require the permission of both governments. Similarly, each kind of visa application requires some specific documents. All of those will be discussed in detail here. Without those documents and their scanned copies, you will not be able to proceed with your application.

  • Requirements before Tanzanian Visa Application

    Apart from the required documents that you need to collect before starting your application process, there are also some formalities that need to be done before your application process. You will need to take a passport-sized photo by following some rules. You will require to update your passport validity if its validity period is over. You might need to take a PCR test if you are not completely vaccinated against COVID-19. There are some other requirements that you will need to follow before applying for a Tanzanian visa. But there is no need to worry, you will be guided through all the needed actions on this page.

  • Tanzanian Visa Application process

    The application process for a Tanzanian visa differs depending on the medium you are using to apply. If you are applying through the website portal of visa approval, the whole application process will be conducted online and the visa is known as an electronic visa or simply an e-visa. And if you are applying through the embassy of Tanzania in your country the process is conducted offline. The application process is very simple for either case and you will get a detailed description of the processes on the following pages.

  • Visa types available for Tanzania

    There are various types of visas that you can apply for. The visa types depend on your Tanzania visit purpose. You can see a number of visa types and choose the right one while you relate them to your situation. A number of factors depend on which visa you are going to apply for, which will be explained here too. Without knowing the proper objective of those visa types, you will not be sure which visa to apply for. Hence, it is important to know all the available visa types prior to your application process.

  • Tanzanian Visa Online

    Tanzania has a developed online process to apply for their visa. This is for eVisa only. Through this process, you can easily apply for and track your online visa without any physical visit to a Tanzanian embassy. You will be needed to provide your email along with all your other personal details using which, you will be able to track the current status of your visa processing. The whole process of an online visa is conducted online as its name. There is no need to visit the embassy in person to apply for the visa. The payment is made online through a credit card or bank transfer. The approval of the visa is sent to the email address provided with the application form.

  • Tanzanian eVisa

    This is different from a normal sticker visa that you can apply for through an embassy visit. The introduction of the Tanzanian e-visa has made the whole visa process easier and smoother than before. You can also term this as an alternate option for an embassy visa. The e-visa process is conducted completely online and so, the applicant will not need to travel to the embassy physically just for going through the application process. Since the processing is completed electronically a large amount of time is saved. There is no need to stand in a queue to receive visa approval anymore. Here on this website, you will see all the necessary steps required for an eVisa. E-visa is considered easy, and less time-consuming than all kinds of visa.

  • Tanzanian Visa Fees

    The visa fees depend on your duration of stay inside the Tanzanian territory, the type of your visa, and some other minor stuff that you will find here on the page. The fee will also differ based on the number of entries you are willing to avail of while your visa period is running. You will also require to pay a certain amount if you want to extend your visa validation period after traveling to Tanzania. Hence, it is important to go through this section so you can decide which visa options to avail of and what will be your approximate visa fee in total.

  • Tanzania Volunteer e-visa online

    There is a specific visa for the volunteers wanting to travel to Tanzania. Here volunteering may refer to you working legally in any non-profit organization inside the territory of Tanzania with a specific purpose. This differs from the regular office or work visa. This visa type will be thoroughly detailed on the page.

  • A Tanzanian Visa Application form guide

    Finally, you will be guided through the process of Tanzanian visa application form. Here you will see how you can fill up an online visa form through authentic websites for a Tanzanian Visa. This is the most important page of the whole walkthrough, as there are many applicants who randomly fill up application forms without having proper knowledge about the procedures. And that is why, many applications get denied and as a result, the visa is delayed for many. To avoid those kinds of incidents, read the information on this page thoroughly.

  • Tanzanian visa form-filling process

    The government of Tanzania requires the visa form to be fulfilled with authentic information that matches the information provided for the passport. Any type of visa form is to be filled in carefully and correctly. The e-visa or the electronic visa is the only one that is to be filled in online. If the applicant is a holder of dual nationality, the information provided for the visa should be according to the information on the passport that they chose to use for the Tanzanian tour.

  • Visa Policy for a Tanzanian Visa

    The tendency of your visa to get approved depends on whether you have followed the visa policy or not. Tanzanian Visa policy is a set of rules and regulations that must be maintained prior to the visa application. If you do not maintain the policy, you will get delayed in the application processing, or worse, your visa might even get denied. Your eligibility to apply for the Tanzanian visa is explained in the visa policy. If your country has the approval of the Tanzanian government, you are one step ahead in the visa processing procedure. The reasons why a visa gets rejected and the ways of avoiding them and making a successful visa application are mentioned in the visa policy.

  • How to extend your Tanzanian Visa

    This is an important issue that needs to be taken care of. In case you want to extend your stay, you would need to extend your Tanzanian visa duration too. The ways to extend a Tanzanian visa following official formalities will be detailed in this section. The validity of a visa starts from the probable date of your travel to your destination country. The validity of the visa can be extended by traveling to the immigration office of Tanzania personally and going through a visa extension process. The visa can be extended from 3 months to 6 months up to 2 years. Necessary documentation is to be provided for the process. A specific amount is to be paid as well for the visa extension, depending on the type of extension you would like to have.

  • Permits required for Tanzanian Visa

    For traveling to Tanzania, you will be required to show some permits to the visa office. These permits will stand as proof of your stay in Tanzania, return back and financial support while staying in Tanzania. These permits fall under the required documents section of visa processing. The types of permits you will need to have are a residential permit, proving your stay in Tanzania is already taken care of; a work permit, proving your boss at work approves of your journey to Tanzania; financial support; proves that your journey at Tanzania has necessary financial backup; health insurance, says that you have your medical requirements taken care of. There are some other permits you will need to show to the visa office for the approval of a visa to Tanzania. All of them have been mentioned as required documents under the requirements for visa section in this page.

    With this walkthrough guide, you can easily have enough information to apply for a Tanzanian visa, a Tanzanian e-visa, visa types, and so on. All the information you may require to apply for a visa is covered in the following pages.

    Note: For accurate knowledge of those, make sure you read through all the sections correctly before getting started. If there is still confusion about some information regarding the Tanzanian visa, you are requested to contact the embassy of Tanzania in your country for exact information. Happy travels!

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Frequently asked questions

Ans: Yes, a tourist visa for Tanzania is open for the visa-exempt countries of Tanzania. Citizens from 43 countries do not require to apply for any visa while travelling to Tanzania. Citizens from visa-exempt countries are to apply for a tourist visa upon arrival at the airport in Tanzania. They can obtain a permit right from the airport.

There are two methods of applying for a tourist visa to Tanzania. The traditional system is where an applicant is required to visit the embassy of Tanzania in their home country and fill up the visa form, pay the visa fee and submit the required documents. The processing period of this visa system is lengthy and difficult. The other method of applying for a Tanzanian tourist visa is the e-visa system. The applicant is required to fill up the online form for the visa from the official website, fill it with the right information and pay for the visa through a bank transfer. The approval of the visa will be sent to the applicant’s email ID on short notice.

The cost of a visa to Tanzania depends on the type of visa and the number of entries in Tanzania. The single-entry visa costs 50 USD and the multiple-entry visa costs 100 USD. A business visa costs 250 USD. A student visa costs 50 USD (only applicable for a single entry in 3 months), 250 USD (Applicable for multiple entries in 1 year), 300 USD (applicable for research purposes and multiple entries in 6 months) and 550 USD (applicable for PhD students and multiple entries in 1 year. A Transit visa to Tanzania costs 30 USD.

The multiple-entry Tanzanian tourist visa allows the tourist to stay in Tanzania for 12 months for a maximum of three months at a time. The single-entry visa enables the tourist to stay a maximum of 3 months and no more. For visiting the country frequently, the multiple entry visa is the most suitable one.

Within 10 business days, it is possible to obtain a Tanzanian tourist visa under normal circumstances. If the applicant does not make a mistake and provide all the correct information and necessary document, an e-visa to Tanzania is approved in no more than 10 business days. However, generally, the visa is approved in only three days. The status of the visa can be monitored online through the website of the visa application.

PCR test or the Polymerase Chain Reaction test is needed only when the tourist is not vaccinated or partially vaccinated. A real-time PCR test (RT-PCR) is needed in such a situation. The tourist is required to perform the test not more than 72 hours before travelling to Tanzania. The negative report must be shown along with the visa papers to enter Tanzania. In case the tourist is completely vaccinated against COVID-19, he or she will not need the PCR test, and only need to show the vaccine card. For transiting through Tanzania, you will not need the PCR test.

To obtain a tourist visa in Tanzania, the applicant needs to submit certain documents alongside the visa form. The documents are:

Tourist Visa Application Form: It is different from the visa form and only required to be completed by the travellers intending to visit Tanzania for tourism purposes.

Passport with three or six months validity period: The validity period of the passport depends on the type of visa, single entry visa or multiple entry visa, the applicant is applying for.

Passport Pictures: Photos in passport format are required along with the tourist visa application form.

Valid Travel Insurance: Travel insurance certificates are to be submitted alongside the visa form.

Evidence of Financial Means: The tourist will be required to show proper proof of financial support for his or her travel expenses to the visa office for issuing the visa.

Proof of Accommodation: The tourist will need to provide the address of the place he or she will be staying while in Tanzania.

Proof of a booked return flight Ticket: The proof of a return ticket needs to be shown to the visa office for issuing the visa. It proves that the traveller does not plan on remaining in Tanzania permanently.

Proof of paid visa fee: The visa fee needs to be paid at the bank through a credit card or bank transfer and the receipt is to be provided along with the tourist visa form for visa approval.

Yes, it is very easy to avail of a visa on arrival for Tanzania. All that is needed to be done is to apply for the visa online and collect the visa from the visa office at the airport. In this way, the tourist does not need to line up in the queue at the immigration office for collecting visa approval. The visa-on-arrival process is simpler than a traditional visa and it saves time and effort. So it is easy to get a visa on arrival to Tanzania.

American citizens do not require visa approval to travel to Tanzania. Without having a Tanzanian visa, an American citizenship holder can stay in Tanzania for 90 consecutive days. The same goes for all other visa-exempt countries for Tanzania. In fact, if the applicant does not hold citizenship from a visa-exempt country, he or she will need to apply for the visa and travel to Tanzania with the visa.

If the tourist has all the necessary documents required for a visa to Tanzania, he or she can enter Tanzania at the border of Tanzania. The visa type that will be issued to such tourists is a single entry visa on arrival. The application process is the same as any other single entry visa on arrival in Tanzania. The same rules apply to all other entry points in Tanzania.


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