Tanzania Tourist eVisa

What is a Tourist eVisa?

A tourist eVisa is issued to applicants who want to travel to another country for the purpose of tourism. This is the most common form of visa. Travelers who are willing to enjoy a stay or a vacation inside the territory of Tanzania are supposed to apply for a Tanzanian eVisa.

Purpose of the Visa

Though the main cause is tourism, there are multiple reasons one might apply for a Tourist eVisa to Tanzania. One can go for a family visit using this visa. If you have a part of your family currently living in the territory of Tanzania, you can apply for this visa to visit him/her/them their residence area. If you want to visit your spouse living in Tanzania, you can specify that you are going to visit your partner/spouse in your application.

Types of Tanzania Tourist eVisa

You can have either a single entry Tanzania tourist eVisa or a multiple entry Tanzania tourist eVisa. A single entry visa lets you enter the territory of Tanzania only once during the visa’s validity time. And a multiple entry visa lets you enter Tanzanian airport more than once, i.e. multiple times within a certain period of time.

Duration of the Visa

A tourist visa is an ordinary visa that is valid for three months of time or 90 days period. This is the maximum limit at once. But in case you want to extend your visa duration, there is a detailed explanation about it on the ‘Extend my Tanzanian eVisa stay’ page. But this 90-day period is for a single entry tourist eVisa. If you apply for a multiple entry tourist eVisa, you will have a validity period of 3 months to 12 months. But there is a certain condition of the validity period. A traveler must leave the Tanzanian territory within every 3 months from the time of arrival to Tanzania. One cannot live inside Tanzania for a consecutive 12 months.

Tanzania tourist eVisa process

As with any other eVisa processing, you can apply for a tourist eVisa to Tanzania through online website platforms. There are some authentic websites that will provide you online Tanzania application form and processing service, provided that you pay a certain charge for it.

Tanzania Tourist eVisa Requirements

The requirements of a tourist eVisa comprise of the common requirements Tanzania evisa such as:-

  • Passport Size Image,
  • Valid Passport With Blank Pages,
  • Letter Of Invitation,
  • Copy Of Return Ticket,
  • Travel And Medical Insurance,
  • Bank Statement,
  • Proof Of Financial Coverage,
  • Proof of Residence,

Official documents regarding your visa purpose,

  • Consent Letter,
  • Police Clearance Certificate,
  • Student Certificate,
  • Birth Certificate Or Death Certificate,
  • Company Registration Certificate,
  • Marriage Certificate, Etc.

All of the above mentioned documents are to attach along with your visa application form. Keep in mind that these are to be scanned first and then to be submitted as soft copies of the respective documents.


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